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It seems that the journalistic news of the season is focused on the small numbers banknotes. Indeed, the latest Bulletin Numismatique #189 of offers us pages 34 and 35, an article entitled "France-England ... The small numbers." Regardless of the comparison with the notes of our English friends, the author, Jean-Marc Dessal (Director of the France and World Bank Department at emphasizes the importance for all collectors, whether beginners or confirmed, to take an interest in these particular bank notes from the Bank of France and the World collections: "Finding the first alphabets makes it possible to build an exceptional collection with a promising future. Never hesitate to buy an A.1, whatever it is".
In the next sale Live Auction Banknotes October 2019, some "A.1" banknotes will be available for sale. Numizon offers you a selection in ascending order from the catalog Fayette-Dessal 2019:

1) Bank of France

  • 10 francs Type 1915 Minerve, W.1-961 estimated at €200 (lot # 4330029),
  • 50 francs Type 1927 Luc-Olivier Merson, N.1-247 estimated at €1000 (lot # 4330053),
  • 50 francs Type 1941 Jacques Coeur, A.1-39456 estimated at €250 (lot # 4330060),
  • 1000 francs Type 1942 Déméter, Z.2-394 estimated at €150 (lot # 4330094),
  • 1000 francs Type 1953 Richelieu, A.1-03579 estimated at €1400 (lot # 4330098),
  • 5000 francs Type 1949 Terre et Mer, F.1-36430 estimated at €300 (lot # 4330110),
  • 10000 francs Type 1955 Bonaparte, B.1-77385 estimated at €650 (lot # 4330123),
  • 10 francs Type 1963 Voltaire, A.1-00041 estimated at €1100 (lot # 4330156),
  • 10 francs Type 1972 Berlioz, A.1-00812 estimated at €250 (lot # 4330158),
  • 20 francs Type 1980 Debussy, A.001-00078 estimated at €1200 (lot # 4330163),
  • 200 francs Type 1981 Montesquieu, A.001-03324 estimated at €450 (lot # 4330174),
  • 500 francs Type 1968 Pascal, A.1-00478 estimated at €1800 (lot # 4330177),

2) Treasury (see note below)

  • 50 centimes Type 1917 Army Treasury, 3rd lowest number: A-0,009,918 estimated at €70 (lot # 4330198),
  • 50 centimes Type 1917 Army Treasury, lowest known number: A-0.000,768 estimated at €350 (lot # 4330200),
  • 2 francs Type 1917 Army Treasury, 2nd lowest number: A-0,001,208 estimated at €250 (lot # 4330203),
  • 5 francs Type 1947 French Treasury, 8th smallest number: A-00007403 estimated at €120 (lot # 4330215),
  • 100 francs Type 1955 Public Treasury, 8th smallest number: A.1-74869 estimated at €200 (lot # 4330219),

We chose not to give small numbers to signature changes! It's up to you to discover it.

And as indicated judiciously in the article of, a large number of notes of the Bank of France and the Treasury are still orphan of a alphabet A.1! So, look also at B.1, C.1 or D.1 (for those who are back to school), B.007 or F.16 (for those who love the action), G.7 or G.20 (for economists) or U2 and UB40 (for music fans)! We may never finally find better! For more information, we invite you to consult the website Kajacques Numismatiquewhich inventory of small numbers is the most complete so far for the Bank of France notes.


3) Low numbers for back to School!

We can not resist the pleasure of telling you the sale of other small numbers! To begin, a 1000 francs Marianne Type 1945, Letter 01E. This is the 5th smallest known number: 01E 529878. The note is available on the site for immediate purchase at a price of €30! Who will be the fastest of our readers? Good luck.



Finally, we used the sorting filters in our Listings section and found two other Treasury notes on sale on ebay: a 50 francs French Treasury Type 1947 F/VF grade and numbered A.1-07368. This is the 3rd lowest number known for the Type and the note is waiting for immediate purchase at a price of €95! Finally, a 100 francs French Treasury Type 1947 in F/VF grade and numbered A.1-60394. This is only the 14th smallest known number, but the note is waiting for immediate purchase for only €45!

For the pleasure of the eyes, the numizon catalog is full of these wonders! Here are "some pieces" chosen:

  • 1000 francs Type 1897 Flameng "not issued" A.1-007,
  • 100 francs Type 1942 Descartes A.1-00092,
  • 5 francs Type 1917 Femme casquée Y.1-565,
  • 500 nouveaux francs Type 1959 Molière A.1-00271,
  • 1 nouveau franc on 50 francs Belain d'Esnambuc Type 1946 modified 1960 A.1-002.

Note: all the information concerning the Treasury Notes was communicated to us by Mr Yann-Noël Hénon, webmaster of the FBOW website who has also made his "banknote of the month" on the smallest known number for the 1 Saar Mark Type 1947 (A.00002020). A chance of timing? For information, Mr. Hénon tells us that he bought this ticket at $ 66 on ebay last March! Like what, the small numbers are accessible to who wants to look for a little. With the Listings of numizon, it will be very easy soon! See you on September 20th for the opening.

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