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Banknotes sales of 20,000 lire type 1975 and the smallest number.

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On October 24th, the Sincona sales company is organizing a new auction (Auktion # 62) in which a 20,000 lire type 1975 (Ref. Pick: # 104 or Gigante BI # 77Aa) is offered in XF grade and displayed at the price CHF 700.00 (lot: # 6319). Its characteristics: banknote issued on February 21, 1975 by Banca d'Italia. Two signatures, Carli and Barbarito. Watermark: woman's head. A seal on the front at the bottom between the two signatures. Dimensions: 161 x 78 mm. Front and back full color printing. 99,500,000 issued notes. Printer: ODBI (Officina Della Banca d'Italia). This beautiful note tribute to the great Italian painter Titian (1488-1576) represented in bust on the front of the note and before a landscape of his time. The back is illustrated by one of his paintings painted in 1514: Sacred love and profane love (Amor sacro e Amor profano).



This banknote is quoted € 125.00 in VF grade and € 425.00 in UNC grade in the World Paper Money (Pick). Here are the results of a few recent sales to give you a more accurate overview of the state of the market for this note:

  1. a copy in UNC grade (PMG 66) sold for $ 516.00 at Heritage Auctions in September 2019 (lot: # 29025).
  2. a copy in UNC grade (PMG 64) sold for $ 348.00 at Heritage Auctions in July 2019 (lot: # 88080).
  3. a copy in UNC grade sold € 255.00 at cgb.fr in April 2019 (lot: # 4290355).
  4. a copy in UNC grade (PMG 64) sold for $ 220.00 at Heritage Auctions in January 2019 (lot # 29322).

Finally, a sale of Italian banknotes closes today at 8:00 p.m. on catawiki website. In this sale are offered three banknotes of 20,000 lire type 1975. The first is in UNC grade and estimated between € 250.00 and € 300.00 (lot: # 29732929). The second is in aUNC grade and estimated between € 250.00 and € 275.00 (lot: # 29840740).

The third banknote is exceptional because it is the first note issued for the Type and numbered ZA 000001 A. This note is in XF/AU grade and proposed at the price of € 2,100.00 for an estimate between € 5,500.00 and € 6,250.00 (lot : # 29658783).




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