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Discover all banknotes issued between 1896 and 1997!

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A century of Italian banknotes!

A large country is now entering the Numizon catalog with a total of 70 banknotes representing a century of issuance from the Bank of Italy (Banca d'Italia) between 1896 and 1997. From 50 lire Type 1896, by the way by the 1,000 lire type 1926 and up to 500,000 lire type 1997, come quickly to discover all these historic notes ...

The Bank of Italy

The Bank of Italy is a relatively recent central bank, compared to its European neighbors. After the proclamation of Italian unification in 1861, six regional credit institutions shared the privilege of issuing currency, but also the management of bills of exchange and discount, namely:

  • Banca Romana,
  • Banca nazionale di Torino,
  • Banco di Napoli,
  • Banco di Sicilia,
  • Banca nazionale toscana
  • Banca toscana di credito per le industrie e il commercio d’Italia.

The Banca nazionale di Torino became in 1867 the Banca nazionale nel Regno d'Italia. Between 1888 and 1893, Italy went through a severe financial crisis, culminating in the "Banca Romana scandal" in March 1893. As a result, the Italian state passed the law of August 10, 1893, which allowed the merger of the Banca nazionale nel Regno with two smaller regional banks, the Banca nazionale toscana and the Banca toscana di credito: the Banca d'Italia was born! (source: wikipedia)

The 70 Bank of Italy banknotes

Banknotes are listed in chronological order and divided into the following categories:

1896-1930 : Bank of Italy
1930-1943 : Bank of Italy
1943-1947 : Bank of Italy
1947-1961 : Bank of Italy
1962-1985 : Bank of Italy
1990-1997 : Bank of Italy

The other banknotes to come ...

The history of Italian banknotes does not stop with the copies issued by the Bank of Italy. Here is the list of categories that we will add later to the catalog:

  • Kingdom of Italy, federal banknotes of the Consortium (1874-1881)
  • Treasury bills (1892-1904)
  • Treasury Bonds (1893-1914)
  • Cassa Veneta dei Prestiti (1918)
  • State banknotes of the Kingdom of Italy (1923-1944)
  • Allied Military Certificates (1943)
  • Italian state banknotes (1944)
  • State banknotes of the Italian Republic (1951-1979)

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