The game of 7 errors

Plays with the proof note of 1,000 francs Foch type 1960 unissued.

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It's a weekend of three days of rest that is for many of us! So you will be able to relax and naturally take a little time for your passion for banknotes. For this occasion, Numizon offers to play the game of 7 errors. This game that we all know from our earliest childhood is a kind of visual puzzle that comes in the form of two images placed side by side or one under the other, and in which, despite an identical appearance, a number of differences ("errors") have been knowingly introduced. The goal for the player is to discover them without forgetting one. Attention, the difficulty of the game depends on the way the differences are introduced, according to whether they are discreet or not! Thus, to find some errors in the image above, a magnifying glass may be needed!

For the choice of images, Numizon offers you to discover a banknote that many of you do not know or little ... a proof note in color on non-watermarked paper of 1,000 francs type 1960 Foch (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # NE.1960.01, page 510 of the catalog 2019). We have hesitated for a long time with the 5,000 francs Flameng type 1918 very rich in details too, but the "Foch" is more appropriate to illustrate this weekend of November 11th! And we also think it's more exciting to play by discovering a new banknote!

To spice up your search, we have incorporated 12 errors in the second image of the note (5 more than in the original game). Enjoy the game. Answers will be published on Tuesday November 12, 2019 in the morning. To participate, simply send us your answers by email to A final ranking will be established according to the order of arrival of the mails having obtained the maximum of positive answers. And a good weekend for all Banknote collectors!

Below, the original banknote:

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