10 francs type 1873

The first banknote of Bank of Reunion.

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For many of us, the "Banque de la Reunion" issuing authority begins with the 5 francs type 1874. What we do know less is that two small denominations of 5 francs and 10 francs have first were issued by an order authorizing their issue on September 12, 1873. These two notes are precursors. Let's take a look at the biggest value ... The 10 francs type 1873 (Pick # 12) is a non-backed note. Small in size (134 x 87 mm), it was created and lithographically printed in green monochrome color on a cream paper by the painter and lithographer Antoine-Louis Roussin in Saint-Denis de la Reunion. 60,000 issued notes. The note does not have a watermark. The front includes on the left the stump note with "BANQUE DE LA REUNION" in vertical. Inside a double frame, a simple floral composition with three cherubs languid at the bottom of the vignette. At the top of the bill, the title "BANQUE DE LA REUNION" and in the center, the value "TEN FRANCS" in large capital letters on a green background. Article 139 of the Penal Code does not appear yet. Two signatures printed with The Director, Bridet and The Cashier, Bellier-Montrose. The banknote has no numbering but only an alphabet printed at the top of the note in the center. Only two copies are identified so far: B1 and N1. The latter illustrates page 143 of the Maurice Kolsky's book "The D.O.M-T.O.M Banknotes" published in 2006. This banknote is of course very rare!



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