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Update of the catalog banknotes issued between 1871 and 2020!

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The catalog of banknotes issued between 1871 and 2020 for Algeria has just been updated. With 84 banknotes listed, the country is now almost complete with the exception, however, of the first Algerian banknotes issued between 1851 and 1870. As all these denominations are particularly rare and never appear for sale, we have therefore taken the temporary decision to do not integrate them into the existing catalog (1). For more information, please note that these banknotes were the subject of a book published in 2016 by Maison Palombo and entitled: “Banknotes of the Bank of Algeria, Part 1, 1851-1870”.

The last baknotes issued

Between 2018 and 2021, three new banknotes appeared in the wallets of Algerians. In order, the 500 dinars type 2018 (Pick # 145), the 1,000 dinars type 2018 (Pick # 146) and the 2,000 dinars type 2020 (Pick # 147), which was put into circulation in the spring of 2021.


Above: front of 2,000 dinars type 2020. Dimensions: 158 x 71.8 mm.

With the very recent news related to the release of the 2,000 dinars type 2020, we took the opportunity to complete all the description cards of the banknotes issued between 1871 and 2020, as well as the variants still missing, the dates, the signatures, the series ranges issued and optimized illustrative photos when possible.

Note: the reference "Pick" not having been assigned on the last three banknotes mentioned above, we have therefore decided to maintain this codification! The last banknote issued in 2011 for Algeria included the number of Pick # 144; The 2018 and 2020 banknotes are therefore numbered accordingly ...

All of Algeria's description cards also include two other references, “TBB” (“The Banknote Book: Algeria” by Owen W. Linzmeyer) and “KM” (“Les Billets du Maghreb et du Levant” by Messrs. Kolsky and Muszynski). In the near future, Numizon will allow you to choose the coding that best matches your collection habits!


(1) To be able to complete the catalog of Algeria and for lack of availability of visual material for this period 1851-1870, we are looking for all quality photos on both sides!

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