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100NF Bonaparte N.147

An extremely rare "fake Bojarski" has just been sold on eBay for the sum of € 5,250.00 (eBay item number: # 203632477987). The banknote is complete and in perfect condition. It is numbered N.147 - 75801, dated 1-2-1962 and overprinted "COUNTERFEIT (CONTREFAÇON)" in black and diagonally on the front. The listing was embellished with the following description: "Counterfeit Napoleon 100 New Francs BOJARSKI 1964 note. My grandfather André LOSTE was one of the inspectors who arrested the very famous forger Czeslaw BOJARSKI in 1964. I am therefore putting one up for sale of the two banknotes I have. I have a photocopied file explaining, supporting photos, the different stages of the arrest. We also see my grandfather pictured there. It is in great condition and has always been stored in a dark place. I am ready to answer all your questions within the limits of my skills”.

The origin of the note is therefore unequivocal! It is also the first time that we see one of these notes with this overprint. For information, a similar copy (N.147 - 75801) but with a smaller "COUNTERFEIT" overprint in blue and estimated at € 3,500.00 was sold in 2017 for € 2,500.00 in VF+ grade at cgb.fr (lot #4160360). Congratulations to the buyer ...

Finally, in the inverted spiral lifting the collector to the higher spheres of discovery, the Grail would be to discover the authentic note bearing the same numbering as its“ BOJARSKI ”! We can always dream ...”, Claude Fayette.



Artist or criminal?

Everything has already been written about Czeslaw Bojarski (1912-2003), a very discreet man (1), criminal or unknown genius and whose extraordinary story continues to feed the news (2), almost 60 years after his arrest. ! For Christian Porcheron, “having a false Bojarski is the Grail” (2,3). Counterfeits or rather works of art produced by Bojarski are therefore actively sought after by all collectors of banknotes. Sales opportunities are very rare and competition is fierce ... For example, only 31 more or less completed copies have been offered for sale since 1995 at cgb.fr. You can also notice that on these 31 copies, there are also 3 banknotes of 1,000 francs type 1945 Minerva and Hercule. From 1949, this is the banknote that Bojarski chose to start "exercising his talent". The first false denominations were put into circulation at Christmas 1950. Then from 1957, Bojarski looked at the 5,000 francs type 1949 Terre and Mer, of which a first false denomination was issued at Pentecost 1958. The weak and ephemeral production of these first attempts made the false 1,000 francs Minerve and Hercule and 5,000 francs Terre and Mer even rarer than the Bonapartes!

The idea did not occur to Bojarski of making counterfeit 100 NF Bonaparte banknotes until a few months after his installation, in September 1960, in the villa he had just built in Montgeron (near Paris). He then sets out to set up a dispensary in a cellar (an old sump that he has previously and secretly dried up) located under his workshop and separated from it by a carefully concealed trap door. To this end, he installed all the necessary equipment and machinery on his own and, after several months of assembly, began his first manufacturing tests at the end of 1961 (4).

Bojarski was finally arrested in January 1964 and sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment on May 14, 1966 by the Seine Assize Court. By this judgment, Bojarski is also ordered to pay the Bank of France, as damages, a sum of 2,523,000 francs, representing the amount of counterfeits reimbursed by the Bank. The sale of various securities recovered in the house of Montgeron, as well as the proceeds of movable and real estate foreclosures had made it possible to recover, in 1972, 1,072,346.92 francs. The sale of gold found in 1978 in the house of Montgeron brought in an additional 1,314,541.92 francs. In short, Bojarski will have reimbursed almost in full the damage he had caused because there remained "only" a debt of 136,111.16 francs: "This case, unique in the annals of counterfeiting, thus finds, due to totally fortuitous circumstances, a surprising epilogue which means that a counterfeiter almost fully reimburses the damage it has caused, at least mainly ”(5). Czeslaw Bojarski died on May 2, 2003 in Saint-Sauveur, Isère. He was 91 years old.

It is possible "to hunt" a Bojarski!

On his website, Claude Fayette (6) has been offering for several years entering the banknote numbers and serial numbers of any copies of the 100NF francs Bonaparte type 1959 that you might have in collection or found by chance. Try your luck: access the page (in French).

Some photos of other counterfeit banknotes in our archives


Above No 1a: Front with two color passages cyan and magenta.


Above No 1b: Back with a color passage in cyan.


Above No 2a: Unfinished front: Lack of color passage in black!


Above No 2b: Back wrong! To err is human, even for geniuses ...


Above No 3: Front without numbering.


Above No 4: Front of a full banknote ... or perfection!

Our sources

(1) “The very discreet Mr. Bojarski” by Michel Braudeau. Le monde, article published on July 11, 2005.
(2) “The Cézanne of counterfeit money”. Documentary by Jean-Baptiste Antoine and Gildas Alexandre. Director: Olivier Hennegrave. France, 2018. Duration: 52 min. Aired on France 5 tv in 2019.
(3) The Counterfeit Currency Museum. We can only advise you to go near Annecy to visit this unique place in France, designed and presented by Mr Christian Porcheron, a great specialist in counterfeit banknotes and the Bojarski affair!
(4) "Bulletin de l’Association Française pour l’Étude du Papier-Monnaie No. 43". AFEP, December 2016. In this study, Mr Fabien Alleman examines the techniques of the forger under a precision microscope in order to offer us an unprecedented angle of view on the subject.
(5) Cahiers anecdoctiques de la Banque de France, N ° 25 (extracts): “Bojarski” by Muriel Bordogna, pages 5 to 28. A complete and detailed study on the Czeslaw Bojarski affair.
(6) For 50 years, Claude Fayette has authored reference books on banknotes issued by the Bank of France.


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Je possède un Bojarski qui je pense est unique car en plus de la surcharge contre façon en bleu, j'ai le tampon du commissaire Benhamou sur le billet qui est en SUP!


Bonjour, félicitations à vous. Nous savons qu'il existe des exemplaires identiques au votre, mais nous n'en avons pas les photos ! Si vous avez envie d'en faire profiter la communauté, n'hésitez pas à nous faire parvenir vos photos. Nous nous ferons un plaisir de les publier. Yann Hénon.

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