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All Belize banknotes are now available in the Numizon catalog! To maintain the presentation established by many reference websites and by World Paper Money, the banknotes have been separated into two sections with British Honduras (Pick 1 to Pick 32) and Belize (Pick 33 to Pick 72).

This territory of the east coast of Central America, located east-south-east of Mexico and north-east of Guatemala was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1502. English sailors shipwrecked in 1638 began to sow 'settle there, followed by British buccaneers in the ancient capital of Belize in the 17th century. Great Britain claimed administrative right over the area which was subordinated to Jamaica in 1862. The colony was named "British Honduras" and remained under the influence of the Crown of England until 1964, when the " British Honduras ”accedes to a statute of autonomy. The UK's last mainland possession in America, the country finally became independent in 1981 and was renamed Belize, after the former capital and the river flowing through it. Belize is now part of the Commonwealth with a unitary constitutional monarchy with parliamentary rule. The capital is Belmopan, the currency is “Sub umbra florao” (“I flower in the shade”) and the currency is the Belizean dollar (BZ $ 2 = US $ 1).

The first note issued by British Honduras is the 1 dollar type 1894 and the last note issued by Belize is the 20 dollars type 2012 ... 120 years of banknotes to discover!

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