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Here is the catalog of banknotes issued in Albania between 1926 and 2021. It is currently the most complete catalog that you can find for this country with 102 different banknotes presented in a description card as detailed as possible with the types of variants and quality double-sided color illustrations (1). We have added banknotes from the new issue currently being introduced by the Bank of Albania (2).


Above: 2,000 leke type 2021 (Pick # 79). Date of introduction: Expected 2021 or 2022.

Note that the regional banknotes issued in Albania by the French troops of the Army of the Orient during the occupation of the autonomous territory located in the south-east of Albania and proclaimed Republic of Korytza or Korçë have been classified as French banknotes of the Treasury of the First World War and can therefore be consulted in the following section: the banknotes of the Republic of Korçë (1916-1920).


Above: 1/2 franc Korçë type 1917 (Pick #141, #143, #145).


(1) If you have banknotes with better visual quality than our illustrations, please send them to us!
(2) Read our news of June 30, 2021 on this subject: “Two new Albanian banknotes”.

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