China, a 400 Cash (Wen) type 1909 ...

for sale at Sincona, Auction # 62.

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Tomorrow, October 24, 2019, at the Sincona Auction # 62 sale, a Chinese banknote of 400 Cash (Wen) type 1909 (Ref. Pick: # S1742A) from the Sinkiang Provincial Bank will be offered at a starting price of CHF 10,000.00 (lot # 6060)! This note from the main official Xinjiang Office (Sinkiang) has the distinction of being both Chinese and Turkish.

The note has suffered and is classified in F grade with three very important folds with tears. Of the greatest rarity. This is also the second most expensive lot of the sale, to which 22.5% fees will be added. Two bids have already been placed on the banknotes at this time and the auction will start at CHF 13,000.00 (about € 11,800.00). Start of the sale at 9:00 am!


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