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Coveted islands

The Falkland Islands (or Islas Malvinas in Spanish) are an archipelago located about 500 miles east of the coast of Argentina. The United Kingdom claimed these islands in 1833 by establishing a naval garrison there.

In December 1914, during the First World War, Germany sought to conquer these islands by engaging in one of the most decisive naval battles in the history of the Falklands. The attempt of the Imperial German Navy is sharply thwarted by the British Navy and in the end, the German Empire loses nearly 2000 sailors and four ships ... against only 10 dead on the British side! Since then, this battle has been commemorated annually on December 8 in the Falkland Islands as a public holiday.

But the sovereignty status of the Falklands is also part of an ongoing dispute between Argentina and the UK. Tensions reached a very critical point when Argentina invaded the Falklands during an armed conflict in 1982. But control of the territory was quickly regained by the British expeditionary force sent there, thus stopping the attempt at Argentine annexation.

The Falkland Islands are now a British Overseas Territory, with the UK assuming responsibility for defense and foreign affairs.

Government of the Falklands Islands Issues

The English pound was introduced in 1833 from the first English occupation. A first issue is denominated in Falkland pounds at equal par with the pound sterling between 1899 and 1901. The denominations are single-sided and are signed by the hand of three mint agents. The values ​​are 5 and 10 shillings and 1 and 5 pounds (Ref: Pick # P-A1 to # P-A4). Regarding the 10 shillings note, it has never been found!

The second and third Issues of 1921 and then of 1938 are illustrated respectively by profile portraits of kings George V and his son George VI. It was not until the fourth issue of 1960 to see the first banknotes with the profile portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II.

From the £ 5 banknote from the 1983 Commemorative Issues, the banknotes are strictly identical with an official full face portrait of HRH Elizabeth II wearing the tiara of Grand Duchess Vladimir and wearing the Golden Jubilee necklace of Queen Victoria, Royal Family Orders of King George VI and George V and Queen Alexandra's Wedding Earrings!

24 banknotes were issued between 1899 and 2011 and can now be found in the Numizon catalog!

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