German Democratic Republic (GDR)

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A country that only existed for 41 years!

The German Democratic Republic (GDR); in German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR, sometimes translated as Democratic Republic of Germany, also called East Germany, is a former European communist state that existed during the second half of the 20th century.

The GDR was created on October 7, 1949 by the Socialist United Party of Germany allied with the USSR from the area occupied by the Red Army. This event comes after the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany, preceded by the trizone of western occupying powers. East Berlin, the Soviet sector of the city, was the capital of the GDR.

The GDR was one of the authoritarian regimes which claimed to be "popular democracies", politically affiliated with the USSR within the Eastern bloc. From August 13, 1961, to stop the flight to the west of East German citizens trying to escape the dictatorship, the western enclave of West Berlin was separated from East Berlin and the rest of the GDR, by the Berlin Wall, which becomes one of the most famous symbols of the "iron curtain". The collapse of the Communist bloc in Eastern Europe led to the disappearance of the German Democratic Republic, which was absorbed by the Federal Republic on October 3, 1990, almost 41 years to the day after its foundation, culmination of the reunification process forming thus a unified Germany.

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