Banknotes issued by the Reichsbank between 1876 and 1933

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With the prospect of an upcoming Numizon sale which will include a large number of German banknotes, we took the opportunity to expand the catalog of this great European country. 125 new banknotes are now available for consultation and more specifically cover the issues of the Reichsbank between 1876 and 1933.

Germany's banknote issues have been so prolific that we have therefore been forced to divide this country into several historical periods. We are aware that many issues are still to be made (Reichskassenschein, Darlehenskassenschein, Deutsche Rentenbank, Germany from 1933 to 1949, Danzig, Deutsche Länderbanknoten ...), but with a provisional total of 220 banknotes, here is already where we are now :

Regarding this last category "Germany - Dependencies (Deutsche Nebengebiete)", it should be noted that 6 issues are common with France and are to be found in the general catalog of Numizon in the two French categories: "French Treasury - Occupation after 1918" and "French Treasury - Occupation after 1945":

Concerning euro banknotes issued for Germany, consult the category: "European Union".

Our sources

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  • Reference site, Bank Note Museum: "Germany".
  • The Banknote Book "Germany" by Owen W. Linzmeyer.
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