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For all French Treasury banknotes collectors, we inform you that the “French Banknotes Of War” website created and administered by Yann-Noël Hénon since spring 2014 will soon close. Indeed, since Yann-Noël Hénon joined the Numizon team full time in June 2019, it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to keep his website alive on French war notes and the French Treasury. The catalog of all Treasury notes was first transferred to Numizon ... then the “Articles” and “News” sections were gradually abandoned by our employee in favor of those of Numizon. Only the inventory of rare banknotes was maintained with difficulty more or less monthly. Its last update was on December 26, 2020.

Since January 12, 2021, this inventory is fully integrated into the Numizon catalog! You can therefore now consult it on each of the descriptive cards concerning Treasury notes (by clicking on the Card tab). A complete summary table of this inventory will soon be made available to you on a page intended for faster overall consultation, a bit like Yann-Noël Hénon currently offers on his website with the “Inventory” section.


(*) The inventory for the banknotes of the Memel Territory (1922) is currently being created, as well as certain references still missing for the Republic of Korçë (1916-1920).

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