A new 50 Francs Type 1868 "Blue with black indices"

Discovery of a first copy for the year 1874!

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Our collection of Banque de France notes is once again enriched with a new copy for the 19th century! This is a 50 Francs Type 1868 “Blue with black indices” note (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.A38.08 or Pick: # 51a) which has just been listed by the Numizon team. The note is in F grade with mainly an old trace of scotch tape on a horizontal tear. This copy is numbered "Y.574-776" and dated December 2, 1874. It is therefore currently the only known banknote for the year 1874!




This note was issued between November 26, 1868 and November 16, 1883. Date of circulation: March 4, 1869. The bill is printed in blue monochrome on the front and back. The note was designed after a drawing by Guillaume Cabasson and engraved by François Pannemaker and Ligny. 1199 alphabets. Dimensions: 178L x 120H mm. The date is printed in black in the center under the curved label "BANQUE DE FRANCE". Two medallions with a blue background and the white text contain "Article 139 of the Penal Code". Watermark: head of Mercury facing the center of the note. The note has two signatures with The Chief Cashier, Mignot and The Secretary General, Marsaud.


There are four variants of these signatures:

  • Signatures # 1: Marsaud / Soleil for the years 1868 to 1869 (alphabet 1 to 17).
  • Signatures # 2: Marsaud / Mignot for the years 1869 to 1876 (alphabet 18 to 832).
  • Signatures # 3: De Jancigny / Mignot for the year 1881 (alphabet 833 to 853),
  • Signatures # 4: Carré / Mignot for the years 1882 and 1883 (alphabet 854 to 1199).

Mr. Claude Fayette indicates that "the alphabets 1200 to 1322 dated from November 17, 1883 to January 4, 1884 were destroyed on January 15, 1885 (3,075,000 banknotes)".

Note that the 50 franc Type 1868 "Blue with black indices" is strictly identical to the 50 francs Type 1864 "Blue" note (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.A33 or Pick: # 50) but no longer has the white cartridges reserved for numbering, this being directly affixed to the oval frieze! A serial number "14347776" is also printed in the center between the two signatures.

Numizon inventory to date

> If we add the note not referenced, numbered "P.899-932" and dated December 2, 1884, which illustrates the sheet of the Numizon catalog... since June 2019, we therefore currently count 60 copies listed for the Type !


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