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Italian East Africa, Nagorno-Karabakh and Oceania

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Numizon's catalog is enriched this week with 10 new banknotes represented by 3 countries: Italian East Africa, Nagorno-Karabakh and Oceania.

Italian East Africa

In 1936, after the conquest of Ethiopia by Italy, Somalia was integrated into Italian East Africa. This Italian colony in East Africa was formed by the merger of the territories of Ethiopia with Italian Somaliland and Eritrea. It is the "Banca per l'Africa Orientale (The Bank for East Africa)", also known by the acronym BAO, which is responsible for operating in the Italian colonies, in order to establish a first attempt of modern banking system in the Horn of Africa.

Four banknotes of 50, 100, 500 and 1000 lire, issued from the Bank of Italy, are then personalized and overprinted in the upper margin with the mention: "SERIE SPECIALE AFRICA ORIENTALE ITALIANA" and in the lower margin with the mention indicating that these banknotes may not be taken out of the territory of Italian East Africa: “É VIETATA LA CIRCOLAZIONE FUORI DEI TERRITORI DELL 'AFRICA ORIENTALE ITALIANA”.

This administrative entity however remained ephemeral and disappeared 5 years later, in 1941, following the Italian defeat during the East African campaign. The official end of Italian East Africa, however, was not recorded until 1947.


Above: front of the 100 lire type 1938 (Pick # 2). Banknote identical to Pick # 55 except overprints. Dimensions: 184 x 111 mm.


At the time of the unilateral independence of Azerbaijan in 1991, a region of Transcaucasia populated mainly by Armenians, Nagorno-Karabakh proclaimed itself as an independent republic without being recognized by the international community. However, two banknotes will be issued in 2004. But in September 2020, an open conflict pits Armenia against Azerbaijan, which ultimately obtains three quarters of the territories under the control of the republic, during a fortnight ceasefire negotiated in November 2020.


The Oceania pound issued by the Japanese government in 1942 is one of several Japanese invasion money issues used during World War II. Comprised of only four denominations, the Oceanic pound was the shortest series issued in Oceania. Although officially called "Oceania", the region was considered a financial and monetary union under Japanese colonial rule and included several political jurisdictions.

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