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Discover all the banknotes issued from 1880 to 1985!

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Vacation by proxy ...

For several weeks now, we have been globally confined with varying fortunes for everyone. So, in this month of May which begins and failing to be able to do immediately what you like, the team of Numizon offers you to travel to the other end of the world! Already, to invite you to get away from this new “daily”, we took you to Africa in early April with Madagascar banknotes, then Comoros's banknotes, and the banknotes of Afars and Issas. A little jump in India in mid-April with French India's banknotes. Our road continued towards the Pacific with the New Hebrides banknotes and French Pacific Territories banknotes.

As this part of the globe was very pleasant, we decided to list all the banknotes issued for French Oceania, now grouped in the Numizon catalog with 60 exceptional banknotes that are waiting for you!

Discover now these fabulous bank notes classified chronologically and divided into the following categories:

1880-1900 : Colonial Treasury
1880-1894 : Agricultural Fund of Papeete
1905-1914 : Bank of Indochina
1919 : Chamber of Commerce
1919-1920 : André Krajewski Bank
1920-1963 : Bank of Indochina
1941-1943 : Free French Settlements in Oceania
1969 : Overseas Issuing Institute
1970-1985 : Overseas Issuing Institute

1986-2013 : Overseas Issuing Institute (1)
2014 : Overseas Issuing Institute (1)

(1) French Pacific Territories banknotes

In 1986, the privilege of issuing money passed from the Bank of Indochina to the Overseas Issuing Institute. The latter is responsible for pooling the circulation of banknotes in overseas communities in the Pacific (French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna). Thus, the notes previously issued for the New Hebrides or which had been overprinted on the back of the place of their respective issuing territory, as for Noumea or Papeete disappear.

Two new ranges of banknotes were put into circulation between 1986 and 2014 in CFP francs "Change Franc Pacifique". These banknotes which are now common to the three French Pacific Territories have been grouped in the section of the same name ...

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