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Discover all the banknotes issued between 1921 and 1980.

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Banknotes from the end of the world!

The New Hebrides archipelago of around 60 islands is wedged between New Caledonia in the south, Fiji in the east, the Solomon Islands in the north and Australia in the west. Lost in the Pacific, this small dislocated territory nevertheless excites the lust of two great European powers ...

Towards the end of the 19th century, the inextricable rivalry between France and Great Britain to gain control of this territory led, in 1907, to the creation of a Franco-British condominium or colony giving the two countries the possibility of exercise joint and unprecedented authority over the natives and each of their respective nationals. During the Second World War, these islands were shunned by the Japanese and formed an important base for the Allies. The New Hebrides condominium ended with the independence proclaimed in 1980 and the newly created state took the name of Vanuatu.

The 24 notes that make up the catalog of the New Hebrides were issued between 1921 and 1980 and partially retrace the recent history of this distant and exotic archipelago. Originally issued for other colonial territories, certain banknotes from the Bank of Indochina were specially overprinted for this territory. Other notes, like the series issued in 1943 by the French National Administration of the New Hebrides is specific to this country. So, follow in the footsteps of Bougainville or Cook to discover these banknotes! The whole Numizon team wishes you a good trip ...

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