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Overprint 10NF on the 1,000 francs Union française type 1946

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An unpublished reference will make a smashing entry into our catalog for Martinique banknotes. It is a copy identical to the 1,000 francs Union française type 1946 (Ref. Pick: # 33 or Kolsky: # 340) but whose watermark is overprinted in blue "CONTRE-VALEUR DE 10 NOUVEAUX FRANCS". This note was not yet known reference books (WPM or Kolsky). We present you the 10 new francs on 1,000 francs Union française type 1946 Martinique Modified 1960 for the Caisse Centrale de la France d'Outre-Mer!



Little historical return

In 1960, the franc is revalued and 100 francs then correspond to 1 new franc! For almost 60 years, all collectors had no doubt resigned themselves to thinking that the 1,000 francs Union française type 1946 had never been reprinted after 1960 with the surcharge corresponding to its new value. The above example seems to prove the contrary, although it is not a issued note but a "SPECIMEN" signed by "The Director General A. Postel-Vinay", numbered "O.000 - 00000" and perforated twice "SPECIMEN" vertically.

On September 9, 2019, the American auction house Heritage Auctions had the privilege of selling this note slab PMG 64 Choice Uncirculated EPQ (lot # 28497) at a price of $ 5,280.00 (selling fees included) and exceeding very largely the starting estimate.


So let us dream a little ...

The banknote already existed for French Guiana (Ref. Pick: # 32 or Kolsky: # 233) and now for Martinique. A hope for Guadeloupe is thus born ...

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