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A new stage of the adventure!

This year 2020 will have been very special for everyone ... Hopefully it will be quite different for the year 2021 which is fast approaching. Regarding the Numizon adventure, we hold the helm and stay the course to develop you the most successful tool for collecting banknotes! However, there is still a lot of work ...

Today, we're excited to introduce you to 3 new features designed to improve your daily use of Numizon:

  • The management of your favorite countries,
  • The creation of your banknotes alerts,
  • Management of comments.

You will also be able to discover the new interface of banknotes cards in the catalog. Finally, we are announcing the upcoming arrival of our first “Numizon Sale # 1”! It's not Christmas yet but it's starting to look like it!

Manage your favorite countries

So that you can find yourself in the multitude of countries in our general catalog and in the thousands of sales announcements of our partners, we have implemented an original and unique feature allowing you to choose in priority the countries that you collect. Your selection criteria will trigger an automatic sorting and only banknotes on sale corresponding to your favorite countries will be displayed in the Listings section!

To discover this new service, go to: "My account > Profile > Favorite countries" or follow the user guide.


Manage your banknotes alerts

This second feature, just as original as the first, will allow you to determine the types of banknotes for which you want to be notified when new sales announcements are available! Your selection criteria will trigger the automatic sending of an e-mail and only banknotes on sale and corresponding to your alerts will arrive in your inbox. You are now becoming the main actor in your mailbox advertising messages!

To use this function, go to: "My account > Profile > Banknotes alerts" or follow the user guide.


You will be able to discuss with each other and with us!

The third feature will finally give you the opportunity to express yourself in the pages of Numizon. Comments have been added to the brand new interface of the banknote page. For a more orderly use of all the information, the banknote page has been reorganized in the form of 4 tabs:

  • the "Card" tab in which you will find all the variants of the standard post, a link to news and / or articles having dealt with this post, the description text of the post (About) and a immediate access to all the other banknotes of the same family.
  • the "Listings" tab will indicate the number of banknotes on sale and immediate access to all listings linked to the file. Four preselected listings are already visible and accessible from the tab!
  • the "Sales" tab will indicate the number of banknotes in the sales archives. However, access to this service presupposes having a Numizon account (which we remind you that registration is free to access this service).
  • the “Comments” tab will indicate the number of comments expressed on a banknote. This "Numizon newsgroup" will allow you to read and comment live on all the banknotes in the catalog.

Finally, in the very near future, a 5th “Surprise” tab will complete this sheet and you will then have the most complete tool to manage and develop your collection of old and modern banknotes. In the meantime, we hope that these new services can already partially meet some of your needs!

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