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Small Numizon will become big ...

Of course, there is a beginning to everything ... And despite the very specific conditions of this year 2020 which is coming to an end, we will still have managed to offer you our first sale of world banknotes! We would like to extend a big thank you to all the collectors who have done us the honor of participating in this "Numizon Sale # 1". Of the 115 lots offered, only 28 banknotes found a taker! We welcome this result with modesty and humility, but it is also a great encouragement to persevere in our goal of growing Numizon.

One sale drives out the other! Our second world banknotes sale is now online, admittedly with a little delay, we apologize in advance. You will therefore only have a few hours to consult the 115 new lots before the official opening Monday, December 29, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. So, to help you discover this "Numizon Sale # 2" a little faster, here is a selection of banknotes that you shouldn't miss ...

20 francs Bleu Type 1873

Lot 296648. This Algerian note dated May 7, 1910 illustrates the cover of our catalog! The 20 francs Bleu Type 1873 (Ref: # MK8b, Pick: # 72, TBB: # B118b) is the nicer of the two banknotes known in the PMG Population report. From 1862 to 1875, the Bank of Algeria issued a series of "blue" notes, technically identical to those circulating in France at the same time. Of great artistic beauty, all these banknotes (5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 francs) are rare. The opportunities to bring a copy into a collection are not frequent! Not to be missed ... Price for immediate purchase: € 3,000 or make an offer.


100 francs Bleu Type 1873

Lot 296668. This post follows on from the previous one. The 100 francs Bleu Type 1874 (Ref: # MK26c, Pick: # 74, TBB: B120c) is dated September 26, 1911 without the city of Algiers and bears the signatures of Chenu, Moreau and Pantin. Rare note! Price for immediate purchase: € 850 or make an offer.


500 NF Type 1959 Molière

Lot 298030. This 500 NF Type 1959 Molière (Ref: F.60.06, Pick: # 145a) is dated January 2, 1964. Magnificent copy with just its Banque of France pinning! Not common in this quality. Price for immediate purchase: € 1,000 or make an offer.


50 francs RCFTO Type 1923

Lot 297573. Very rare banknote, the 50 francs RCFTO Type 1923 (Ref: RPR-64, Pick: # R9a) is only known to 21 copies. The opportunities to collect this note are very rare. This is only the 3rd banknote offered for sale in 2020: a copy numbered A.1- 025.184 in F grade was offered for € 1,800 on ebay in August and another copy issued for collectors (series B.21), numbered B.21 - 005,023 in VF+ grade was seen for sale for € 1,500 at Christoph Gärtner, Auktion # 48 in October. Price for immediate purchase: € 700 or make an offer.


1000 francs Suez Crisis Type 1956

Lot 297121. Very rare. 43 copies are known for the Type but only 19 copies for the alphabet 2. This banknote of 1000 francs Suez Crisis Type 1956 (Ref: VF.43.01, Pick: # M18a) is the only copy referenced in the PMG Population report. Suez banknote certified authentic by Numizon. Price for immediate purchase: € 2,800 or make an offer.


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