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A partnership with Univers Monnaies

Here is already the "Numizon Sale # 5". But this new sale-on-offers is very different from the previous ones, because it is the first time that we have offered a sale carried out in partnership with a professional player in our field of activity, the company “Univers Monnaies. The entire Numizon team would therefore particularly like to thank Michel Gourguet and his entire team for their trust and availability in carrying out this "Numizon Sale # 5", made up of 118 French and world banknotes selected from the catalog of Universe Monnaies. We hope this 5th sale will give you the opportunity to find and enrich your binders with new notes. In order to help you, we have provided a non-exhaustive list of not-to-be-missed banknotes below!

500 Euro type 2002

Lot 353055. A 500 Euro type 2002 (Ref. Sohier # € .160). This note is rare in UNC grade. Numbered U30008971175. Alphabet-series: Letter U (France). Printer: T, Series: 001 F5. Creation date: May 3, 1998. Dimensions: 152 x 82 mm. Signature: Wim Duisenberg. This banknote from the first series of Euros is already almost 20 years old! Reserve: € 700.00.


5,000 francs Afars and Issas type 1969

Lot 354355. The 5,000 francs type 1969 (Ref. Pick # 30a, # KM664) from the French Territory of Afars and Issas is not often offered for sale. We only have 20 banknotes in the Numizon archives and for a VF grade, the observed selling prices range from € 250 to € 750! Only 100,000 issued notes for the type. Reserve: € 400.00.


5 ticals type 1898

Lot 353725. The pearl of the sale! This non-watermarked front proof dated December 19, 1898 and numbered 0.0-000 is undoubtedly unique! The note is referenced for Thailand but was issued by the Bank of Indo-China for the Bangkok branch. References: # KM801, Pick: # P.S101s1. The note is graded PMG 53 About Uncirculated and it is also the only copy registered in the PMG Population Report. The reserve price of € 8,500.00 is therefore ... but very correct!


1,000 francs type 1945 Minerve et Hercule

Lot 352251. Magnificent forgery on authentic paper from the so-called Saint-Tropez affair. On his website "The Museum of Counterfeit Money", Christian Porcheron specifies the origin of this historic note: "Employee at the Rives paper mills Roger Douin, custodian of the stocks of watermarked paper manufactured especially for the Bank of France, let himself be carried away by the convict François Campana and in 4 months, he diverted 60 kilos of watermarked paper which he gave to Alexandre Doin (almost his namesake and owner of a shady bar in Toulon), and Charles Biaggini said "Chalou". Campana acted on behalf of the gangster Ange Salicetti (owner of the restaurant "the scorpion fish") and the famous Lucien Scola, leader of the front of noon traction gang. The gang would have printed between 40 to 50 million counterfeit 1,000 francs notes!” Reserve: € 450.00.


1 franc Constantine type 1921

Lot 354398. Emergency notes are unfortunately not sufficiently put in the spotlight of the banknotes scene! The small note that we invite you to discover is the 4th copy issued of the 1 franc type 1921 for the city of Constantine in Algeria (Ref. Bayle # 22, Pirot # 140-28). For lovers of small numbers. A 50 centimes type 1922 from the Chamber of Commerce of Philippeville, numbered A.1 -00.004 is also offered for sale (Lot 354356)! Reserve for each note: € 230.00.


5,000 francs type 1918 Flameng

Lot 352276. Emblematic banknote from the Bank of France collection, the 5,000 francs type 1918 (Ref. # F.43.01, Pick: # 76) is still sought after by many French collectors. The Flameng is known in 522 copies, but for a large number of banknotes in small grade, how many copies are available in good quality? The lot that you have the opportunity to acquire is dated 2-1-1918, in VF+ grade and from the first alphabet! Reserve: € 3,400.00.


1 tael type 1898

Lot 353726. This rare Imperial Bank of China note has only been offered for sale 6 times at Heritage Auctions in similar qualities and at prices ranging from $ 1,410 to $ 1,920. 17 copies are graded in the PMG Population Report. The finest copy is graded PMG 25. Reserve: € 1,600.00.


We remind you that the 118 lots are available for Buy Now. You also have the option of placing a bid equal to or greater than the reserve price until Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 10:00 p.m. Once the sale is closed, for each lot, the best offer received will win the lot ...

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