Rare 1,000 francs "Kikongo" Cash Voucher

3rd known copy ... on sale on ebay!

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Saturday January 18, 2020, Numizon's search engine detected an ebay item of a very rare 1,000 francs Kikongo Cash Voucher (Bon de Caisse de 1 000 francs « Kikongo ») Type 1940 from French Equatorial Africa (Ref: Pick: # 04s, Schwan-Boling : # 1161 or Kolsky: # 502). It is a specimen in AU or UNC grade !



Description of the note

This note in 280 L x 142 H mm format was printed in only 25,000 copies on cream-colored “Lafuma” paper. Watermark: Lafuma paper mills. The voucher is an uniface note and features a photo of a paddler in action named "Kikongo" in the center, printed in light green monochrome. All texts are printed in black and values ​​in red. The voucher includes the printed signature of the Governor General "Gal de Larminat" on the left and the handwritten signature of the Treasurer General "Jaffeux" on the right. All the backs of these cash vouchers are identical and include a table of 20 boxes intended to serve as a "control framework". Since these vouchers had to be endorsed, an issue date was affixed using a wet stamp. Only, it is not certain that it was a periodic or one-off expenditure.

The issued notes are smaller in size, because they do not have a heel: 217 x 140 mm. Of the 10 known copies, there is a dry stamp to the Republic to authenticate these notes. A perforation “114” is also present on the right, but its meaning remains a mystery!

The 3rd specimen!

Two copies in "SPECIMEN" are known to date for the 1,000 francs "Kikongo" in letter "W", # 099986 and # 099987. These do not include the Republic French stamp, or the perforation "114". These do not have the handwritten signature of the Treasurer General "Jaffeux", but have a heel on the left ... The voucher on sale on ebay is numbered "099994" and therefore becomes the third copy listed for the Type.

The proposed price is "only" € 6,000.00! We remind for the collectors who would still hesitate to buy this "museum piece", that the specimen # 099986 realized the price of $ 12,000.00 in August 2018 at Heritage Auctions, "ANA WFOM World Currency Platinum Night Auction, Philadelphia # 4005" (lot #28091). This cash voucher is PMG 55 About Uncirculated certified and is the only graded copy currently in the PMG Population Report!


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