Record sales for a 10 euro note!

Or the influence of grading on the final price.

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On November 12, 2019 on US ebay, a banknote of 10 euros Type 2014 (Ref Pick: # 21u) of the series "Europe" realized the price of $ 610.03 (see sale below). This note is however identical to those we handle every day in Europe and is nothing exceptional at first. For information, this one is numbered "UD8022308481" and by these two letters "UD" was thus printed by the Bank of France on the machines of the town of Chamalières.



The ebay sale was attended by 11 collectors and 26 auctions were announced. If the note has undoubtedly reached this result ... it's because it's just perfect! Indeed, its grading (1) is the maximum grade that can be expected for a banknote, namely: 70 Gem UNCirculated EPQ Star finest as explained on the homepage of the website of the company Paper Money Grading (PMG) below :


If the Grading is today in very strong development internationally, it must be recognized that in France, many collectors are still circumspect or reluctant to the idea of ​​"grading" their collection or buy banknotes under "slab" (2). It is undoubtedly a cultural habit that continues. And then, a banknote classified UNC in France corresponds only to the rank "62" on the grading scale of Sheldon (3). Thus, between grades "63" and "69", the Anglo-Saxon subtleties still seem nebulous. In addition, it is difficult to navigate in the jungle of grading companies, whose impressive list is inventoried on the blog of kajacques since November 2018 and entitled: "Around the world of grading!". In our case, Numizon has chosen to rely on the experience and expertise of PMG because in the near future, all players in the collection of world banknotes will have to do with this novelty ...

And for collectors who are interested in "70 Star ★" graded notes, here is a 10-Dollar Type 2018 "Viola Desmond" note currently on sale at ebay Canada!

Numizon information regarding the average selling price noted for this banknote:

  • GUNC-70: $ 2000
  • GUNC-69: $ 120
  • GUNC-68: $ 145
  • GUNC-67: $ 77
  • GUNC-66: $ 50
  • GUNC-64: $ 32

(1) Grading: action of noting, classifying, evaluating a banknote.
(2) Rigid plastic vacuum pouch protecting the banknote.
(3) Sheldon's scales were developed in 1948 by a US numismatist, William Sheldon, in a study of early large cents.

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