The results of the game!

The 12 errors on the 1,000 francs Foch.

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Good morning all !

First a big thank you to all participants. Here is the podium.Justin, Michel and Florian found the 12 errors and were separated by the order of arrival of their email. Congratulations to them.


A large number of participants stumbled at 10 or 11 errors found. Here is the complete list of errors you should discover:

  • (error # 1): the second zero of the number "1000" in the upper left corner is reversed horizontally (shadow to the left),
  • (error # 2): a second plumb bob was added to the left of the pendulum,
  • (error # 3): the "E" of the "DE" of the text "BANQUE DE FRANCE" is bigger,
  • (error # 4): a second round handle was added on the globe,
  • (error # 5): it misses the seventh white star under the ceremonial sticks,
  • (error # 6): Maréchal Foch's brown eyes have become blue,
  • (error # 7): the edge of the collar of the jacket went from white to gray,
  • (error # 8): a bar of military decoration became violet,
  • (error # 9): the ram's head was added a second time next to the text of law,
  • (error # 10): the article "139" of the penal code became the article "339" of the penal code,
  • (error # 11): the golden tip of the blue flag has been removed,
  • (Error # 12): there are three windows missing on the building facade in the upper right corner.

And in image:


The Numizon team thanks all the participants and is looking forward to seeing you soon for a brand new numismatic game, on which we bring you the latest touches!

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