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An heritage of banknotes collecting

This is undoubtedly the most exceptional sale of the year 2021 that the company will offer next February. The Live Auction catalog, entitled "Robert Armanelli, profession: engraver" is illustrated by 196 lots representing 20 years of collaboration between this French engraver and the Bank of France ... These archive documents are very rarely offered for sale. It is an extraordinary set of great variety that is gathered here: color trials, proofs on large format paper, work on tracing paper or photographic clichés. Among these documents, a large number of banknotes issued for France (500 francs Type 1945 Chateaubriand, 500 francs Type 1953 Victor Hugo, 1,000 francs Type 1953 Richelieu), for the Treasury (5,000 francs Type 1960 Trésor Public, 50 mark Sarre Type 1947 ) and for the French colonies (Algeria, French Equatorial Africa, French West Africa, Indochina, Cambodia, Cameroon, Djibouti ...).

The best beautiful banknotes of this catalog, if one had to finally make a choice among these fabulous lots, are undoubtedly the unissued banknotes on which Robert Armanelli, best worker in France, brought his talent as an engraver. All the technical characteristics of certain banknotes in the list below are visible on the “Bank of France banknotes, worked but not issued” cards (in French: Billets de la Banque de France ouvragés mais non émis) published in French on the official website of the Bank of France:

There is no doubt that this sale will remain in the annals of French banknotes collecting. Many collectors must already shudder in advance but they will have to wait until February 16, 2021 at 2 p.m. The fight is likely to be fierce for those who want to acquire at least one of the 196 lots ... which will come to illuminate any collection already advanced or not. Here is a year that begins with a beautiful fireworks display.

Unissued notes in Numizon archives

In order to make you wait before the official opening of the sale, probably this Tuesday, January 19, we are offering you a host of documents related to this sale and that we are lucky to have in the database. This is the perfect opportunity to share it with you today. Good visit ...

5,000 francs Type 1955 Louis XIV

At the very beginning of the 1950s, the artist Clément Serveau was commissioned to work on a new range of banknotes intended to magnify great famous French men. Thus were born the 500 francs Victor Hugo, the 1,000 francs Richelieu or the 10,000 francs Bonaparte. It is from the year 1954 that the artist begins a study of 5,000 francs Louis XIV. The engravers: Jules Piel is in charge of the intaglio and Robert Armanelli engraves the back. Photos below: proof of the back on arched paper with large margins. Type of the banknote with the view of the Place des Victoires in the 17th century, but without texts and without value. This proof of the back will be refused by the Bank of France.



1,000 francs Type 1960 Foch

Based on a work by Jean Lefeuvre. The engravers: Claude Durrens is in charge of the intaglio. Poilliot and Robert Armanelli are in charge of the engraving. Photo below: proof of the back on fiduciary paper. The programmed birth of Europe has undoubtedly thrown this banknote into oblivion!


500 francs Type 1952 Rêverie sur un passé glorieux

Based on a work by Sébastien Laurent. Engravers on the front: Jules Piel (for the intaglio) and Georges Beltrand. Engraver of the back: Robert Armanelli. Photos below: front / back proof on fiduciary paper, unsigned, unnumbered, without texts and without value on the front. Unissued, reserve note (1950).



500 francs Type Clémenceau (1960 version)

Based on a work by Jean Lefeuvre. Engravers on the front: Jules Piel (for the intaglio) and André Marliat. Engraver of the back: Robert Armanelli. Photos below: front / back proof, perforated SPECIMEN diagonally on fiduciary paper. Unsigned, unnumbered, without texts and without value. The back shows a view of Place de la Concorde and the National Assembly. Other contemporary versions of this note will have a different back.



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