A sale does not make the quotation!

Example with a 20 francs type 1946 banknote from Guadeloupe

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Who will increase the price last!

This afternoon, during the “Internet Auction Banknotes May 2021” at cgb.fr, a collector broke his piggy bank to afford a 20-franc note type 1946 Émile Gentil (1) from the Guadeloupe. In a struggle with two other candidates for the lot # 4460465 which was estimated at € 300.00, the winner was finally awarded the banknote at the price of € 1,250.00 (without fees), more than 4 times the estimate!



Do not seek to analyze the decisions made by the three bidders whose rationality has no doubt given way to emotion! Note, however, that collectors are sometimes confusing since the 20-franc note from Guadeloupe is rather easy to find, especially in this U.6 series and in a similar or superior quality to the copy offered in the cgb.fr sale.

The purchaser of the note mentioned above and the two auction bidders may not yet know Numizon. This is a pity, since otherwise, they would have immediately observed the find of U.6 series banknotes identified since 2019 by us and perfectly visible on the Sales of this note with 30 referenced copies including 16 banknotes (2) of the U.6 series. The two losers will eventually be able to make up for it by reading these lines!

Finally, the three collectors could have discovered that three similar banknotes were currently available in our partners listings, including a copy in UNC grade (but not graded) and two other notes graded PMG 66 EPQ and PMG 65 EPQ, three banknotes displaying the respective prices of $ 310, $ 595 and $ 499. It's bad luck ...

The future Numizon quotation

Since 2019, we have been methodically archiving all the sales of our partners. All this accumulated information is already processed and allows us to calculate future market price trends for each world banknote, while weighting the few “emotional” sales, because a sale does not make the quotation of a banknote!

This is how we have been preparing for several months, the brand new interface of Numizon (3), which will be accompanied in the process by a new context entitled "Price", added to the already existing contexts: "Card", "Listings”, “Sales” and “Comments”.

You will then be able to constantly know the estimates prices for 12 states of conservation, according to the French scale (from G to UNC+), or the estimates prices for 20 states of conservation, according to the International grading scale (from 8 to 68). Still a little patience !


(1) Known references: Pick # 33, The Banknote Book (TBB): # B407a, Kolsky: # K131.
(2) The smallest note observed is U.6- 06015 and the largest number seen is U.6 - 95848.
(3) The new Numizon interface will be available a little earlier!


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