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South Sudan or Republic of South Sudan is a sovereign state located in East Africa and whose capital is Juba. Following a self-determination referendum held from January 9 to 15, 2011, South Sudan seceded from the Republic of Sudan. But despite the immediate recognition of the South Sudanese state by the international community, disputes remain over the final route of the border. And from 2013, the country sank into a particularly bloody civil war between supporters of the President of the Republic Salva Kiir and those of the Vice-President of the Republic Riek Machar (1) ...

Banknotes issues

It was from July 18, 2011 that South Sudan put its own currency, the South Sudanese pound, into circulation, thus replacing the Sudanese pound. The exchange rate is 1 to 1 at the time. The price then unscrewed at the beginning of 2016. In 2011, the Central Bank of South Sudan issued four banknotes denominated in "Piaster" of 5, 10, 25 and 50 piastres, but the latter will not be put into circulation and replaced by a coin. Then quickly, a second series of 6 banknotes is issued in "Pound" with values ​​between 1 and 50 pounds. The notes all feature a costumed portrait of John Garang de Mabior (1945-2005), military rebel, Sudanese politician ... and ephemeral president of the Autonomous Region of South Sudan (21 days). In 2015, a third series, identical to the previous one, was put into circulation with the year of issue printed on the front and two new values ​​of 100 and 500 pounds. The 1 pound note is replaced by a coin!


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