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Part 1: banknotes of the Bank of Spain from 1874 to 1936.

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The precursors

To end a very rich month of June started with banknotes from the Netherlands, we are very happy to present you a new European country and in harmony with the start of this promising new summer, it's Spain's turn to making its entry into the Numizon catalog ... a country which, by the richness of its history and the variety of its issues, is one of the largest countries for the collection of paper money. The first known notes are the "vales reales" (or Royal Vouchers), issued by decree in September 1780. These vouchers were never accepted by the general public, however.

At the end of the 18th century and during the 19th, several financial institutions succeeded to mint currency on the national territory. The Banco Nacional de San Carlos (Bank of Saint-Charles) created in 1782, becomes the first Spanish central bank and the first foreign company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange! Between 1783 and 1798, the bank issued banknotes denominated in "reales de vellón":


Above: a copy of 100 reales de vellón Type 1799 (Ref: Filabo # 14BCN). The Royal Vouchers, created by Carlos III, were used during the reign of Carlos IV and constitute the first case of paper money in Spain.

A few years later, the bank became embroiled in speculations linked to the end of the reign of Louis XVI in France and was finally liquidated in 1829. The Banco de San Fernando (Bank of Saint Ferdinand) succeeded it by assuming the debt and increasing its capital initial with the intention of making it the first bank of a public nature, although it is financed two-thirds by private shareholders.

A third and final institution, the Banco de Isabel Segunda was created by royal decree of January 25, 1844 and became the first private credit bank. Theoretically competing with the Banco de San Fernando, the two entities eventually merged in 1847 under the name of Banco Español de San Fernando. In January 1856, the bank changed its name one last time and became the current ... Banco de España (Bank of Spain).


Above: a copy of 500 reales de vellón Type 1856 (Ref: TBB # B403). Banco de España. 212 x 135 mm.

The first part of the catalog

All the precursor notes between 1783 and 1847 as well as all the notes issued by the Bank of Spain between 1856 and 1874 are not available in the Numizon catalog. Banknotes from the 18th and 19th centuries are so rare that we have decided not to offer them immediately to collectors. We still made the choice to start at the end of the 19th century, a period when the copies were not very numerous either!

The first part of the catalog therefore begins in 1874 with the issue of the very young and First Spanish Republic and the 25 Pesetas Type 1874 and continues until the 1936 Regular Issues, i.e. 90 banknotes to be consulted over a fairly short period of 62 years!

All notes have been classified and chronologically divided into the following program categories:

The second and last part of the catalog (1940 to 2002) will only be available at the end of the summer! For information, more than 2660 sales are already available for Spain in our "Listings" section. Don't wait too long to find bargains or the note you've been looking for for a long time! Buena visita (Good visit).

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