The 100 piastres Haïphong not issued

a wonderful banknote under the Numizon microscope!

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An uniface printer color trial proof face

You will love this ... Banknote of the day. Here is a draft of a 100 piastres Haïphong for the Bank of Indo-China. This proof, unknown to reference works, is undated, unsigned, unnumbered and without indication of place, but with Decrees of January 21, 1875, February 20, 1888 and May 16, 1900 below bank name at upper front. The dominant colors are purple and green. Work by Henry Bellery-Desfontaines and engraving by Émile Froment Fils.


For your viewing pleasure

In order to allow you to appreciate the quality and details of this project, we suggest that you discover five specific areas of the note that we have zoomed in on ...


Detail N ° 1


Detail N ° 2


Detail N ° 3


Detail N ° 4


Detail N ° 5


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