500 francs Marianne type 1945

40th banknote known in inventory in letter N

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A 500 franc Marianne type 1945 note (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # VF.11.03 or Pick: # 106) is currently on sale on Numizon at an immediate purchase price of € 200.00 (Ad # 174410). The note is indicated in VF/XF grade, but we classify it rather in F/VF to VF with two large pinholes, a marked central fold and the rounded corners.



It is a rare copy of the letter N. The bill is numbered 03N 309439 and becomes the 40th note known in the FBOW inventory! A previous copy appeared last January (Ad # 159565) and it is currently still for sale at € 160 in VF grade (overestimated grade because we rather assess it in F grade)!

A third note is programmed in the “Internet Auction Banknotes February 2020” sale of cgb.fr, which will take place tomorrow Tuesday February 18 from 2 pm: it is a copy in VF grade numbered 32N 498988 at the starting price € 150 for an estimate of €270 (lot 4360246). For the history, this bill was seen on sale on ebay in September 2013 at € 300, then again on ebay in December of the same year at € 280. We find it unsold at € 270 at cgb.fr, during the Live auction # 4120100 of April 11, 2017.

Let us hope that these notes finally find takers, because we do not understand why this very rare note of the Central Treasury is currently also neglected by collectors. However, the prices offered for these three bills seem fairly consistent with the 5 main ratings indicated in the 2019 Fayette-Dessal catalog:

GradeQuote (euro €)

Numizon estimate

We only know one copy in AU grade (03N 744760) and two copies in UNC grade (32N 485851 and 32N 485853), only we have no traces of sale. Of the 15 sales we have listed, here are the average ratings by grade that we recommend for this rare banknote:

GradePMG gradingQuoteSales history
UNC65-701800 €0
aUNC60-641300 €0
AU50-58900 €0
XF/AU45650 €1
XF40500 €1
VF/XF30-35360 €2
VF20-25280 €4
F/VF15200 €2
F12140 €4
VG8-1090 €0
G4-645 €1


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