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"It doesn't matter if the beginning seems small"

Arrived at the end of a chaotic year ... we are very happy to present the catalog of our first "Numizon Sale # 1". From now on, it's your catalog! Admittedly, this one is not very rich with only 115 lots. But you have to start well and "it doesn't matter if the beginning seems small (1)". This first selection of banknotes comes from several depositors who already trust us. We especially want to thank them. Thanks to them, Numizon has just taken a new important step in its young adventure ...

The selling prices offered are in line with the current market and we have organized this catalog in such a way that it is accessible to all budgets. We have no doubt that every collector will find his happiness there ... In any case, the grades are there since we offer 84 banknotes in superior grade than XF+, including 51 banknotes in UNC grades and a large third of lots are certified notes (2).

Some hidden gems ...

Each collector has his research and purchase priorities ... But there are banknotes more emblematic than others, by their rarity of course, their history, their beauty, etc. The sale includes a large number of small "jewels" that you can discover at your leisure throughout the catalog. We couldn't highlight them all. So, to enlighten you, now discover the small selection of our experts ...

100 yen Type 1938

This note from the Japanese occupation of Indochina has never been issued. It is only known as a specimen. The copy for sale is the finest grade (PMG 65 EPQ). Asking price: € 800 (Lot # 285354).


5 Dinars Type 1960

Tunisia. 15 copies are known for the type. Grade: XF. See the article published in March 2020 about this banknote: “5 Dinars Type 1960: An unrecognized rarity of independent Tunisia”. Asking price: € 200 (Lot 271523).



50 francs Type 1938 Watermark "Letters"

Algeria. Top Pop! Most beautiful graded note PMG 67 EPQ. Asking price: € 400 (Lot 271523).


5 francs Type 1964

French West Indies. Uniform proof of the front on paper without watermark with large margins 0.00 000 (instead of 00000). Asking price: € 950 (Lot 272094).



(1) Sentence attributed to the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau.
(2) PMG or PCGS.

Access the sale


All the lots of the sale are directly visible in the "Listings" section. Remember to activate the button "Numizon Sales" to not see the other listings of our partners. If you have activated your "Favorite countries", you will only be able to consult the lots corresponding to your criteria. Finally, you can also download the catalog in PDF format for the convenience of local consultation. Happy banknote hunting ...

Start of sale: December 8, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.
End of sale: December 21, 2020 at midnight.

Sell your banknotes!

The next "Numizon Sale # 2" is already in preparation. If you wish to include banknotes in the catalog, contact us.

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