Thunderclap on Martinique

The 5000 francs Schoelcher Type 1946 is finally confirmed!

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What a fascinating collection is that of world banknotes!

Concerning the 5000 francs Schoelcher Type 1946 (Ref. Pick: # 34 or Kolsky: # 342) issued by the Caisse Centrale de la France d'Outre-Mer in 1952, the banknote was only known as a specimen. During the development of the Numizon catalog for Martinique in 2019, we were informed that a issue copy numbered Y.9-425 seemed to exist in a private collection. It was however allowed to doubt very seriously because in December 1973, only 70 copies were still in circulation! Suffice to say that 47 years later, a large number of collectors specializing in French colonial banknotes no longer had any illusions about the hope of finding some one day ...

Well, the good news of the start of the year arrived on Sunday morning in Numizon's mailbox. The proud owner of the banknote, the possible existence of which we indicated above, surprised us by sending us the photos! The banknote has the following full number Y.9-000222425 and therefore corresponds to the first range of issued banknotes, namely 210.001 to 420,000, the second known issue range going from 765.001 to 780,000.

It is therefore a real thunderclap on the collection of banknotes of the colonies and this news will in any case revive the hope of discovering other copies of this extremely rare note. Let's dream a little, since there are theoretically still 69 other Schoelcher left. Good week.




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