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Survey on the favorite countries of world banknotes collectors.

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Your catalog Numizon continues to grow every day and now exceeds the 825 cards referenced in banknotes of the world, or 14 different countries. The next country to integrate the catalog is Switzerland with 81 banknotes of the Swiss National Bank spread over a period from 1907 to the present day!

In our program of the next months, we then thought of proposing the following countries:
 • England,
 • Germany,
 • Belgium,
 • Canada,
 • Spain,
 • New Caledonia,
 • New Hebrides,
 • Tahiti.

This list, of course, is not exhaustive. But after reflection, the answer has imposed itself: other countries may be particularly important to you!

A survey of a Facebook group on a sample of world banknotes collectors and titled "What is the theme of your banknote collection?" revealed the following results:


These results have confirmed our desire to meet your expectations and interests on the world's banknotes and what are the most important countries for you? That's why we are launching a big survey to answer as much as you expect to see soon in the Numizon catalog. You can choose from the countries of our list and / or suggest other countries that we have not mentioned. The 5 countries with the highest number of votes will therefore be treated as a priority by the Numizon team!

Send your answer quickly to: contact@numizon.fr. Thank you all for your help. Numizon, it's you!

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