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record sale et unknown numbering !

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A 100 Francs French Guiana 1942 has been sold 7,800 USD (including fees) on October 20, 2022 on a Heritage sale (lot #25178). For this incredible price it was of course PMG 58 EPQ, a very rare quality for this type.


I take advantage of this record sale to present this post to you.

There are 3 signature combinations:

  • 1942: Halleguen / Constantin / St-Clair (handwritten)
  • 1942: Halleguen / Constantin / St-Clair (stamped)
  • 1945: Buy / Constantin / St-Clair


It seems that only alphabet 1 has the handwritten St-Clair signature.

Signature change

According to our list of known notes (+40 notes listed), we notice that the change of signature of the Director (Halleguen then Buy) took place during the issue of the alphabet 5 but very surprisingly, we found a banknote of the alphabet 2 signed Buy (AN2 n°557)!



Below is the list of notes listed on our website:



According to the serial number visible on the notes, it seems that the numbering rule is:

Letter A + a letter + Alphabet number.

with an alphabet of 25 letters (without the letter I) and with the W in last position.

Normally, there, for those who follow me, you tell me that it does not fit!

Because the first banknote we have, AG 1 n°241 has the serial number 11241!


So if AG1 starts at 11,000 then AA1 starts at...5000! (see table below)

How are the first 5,000 issued notes numbered?

Here is the thousand range of the serial number according to the letter and the alphabet (in gray the banknote numbers listed on our website).


We are counting on you to complete this study !

How to do (several possibilities)?

  1. Add a comment or reply in the "Comment" area of ​​this news
  2. Send an email to contact at numizon.fr with a photo of the banknotes you want to share.
  3. Add your banknote directly to the Numizon inventory (Click here).

We will update the table regularly.

Thank you for your contributions




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