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With our expertise in collecting banknotes, we can help you.

Certification of banknote

We are a partner of PMG , the world's leading American company for the certification of collector banknotes.

We regularly hand-deliver banknotes for certification to their sole European office in Munich.

If you would like to have your banknotes certified, please contact us!

Certification by PMG is subject to a fee (seerates) but our advice, support and handling of banknotes to Munich is free of charge.

Estimation of a banknote or a collection

If you'd like an estimate of the value of a banknote or collection, we can help.

It's simple and free.

Request an estimate

Buy rare banknotes

We are not merchants. In other words, we're not in the business of buying and selling collector banknotes. But we do have a large network of collectors. So if you have rare banknotes to sell, we can act as an intermediary to find you the collector who will be interested.

Don't hesitate to contact us to get at least an estimate for your banknote.

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Certify now
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