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2 Juin 2017 16:04
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2 Octobre 2020 16:04
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Pays :
Antilles Françaises
Dénomination :
50 NF/5000 francs Antillaise Type 1955
Référence :
Pick : #3a
Indice rareté:
RRRTrès Rare
Emetteur :
Institut d'Emission des Départements d'Outre-Mer (1960-1962)
Date :
Alphabet :
O.00 n°000
Grade :
issueType :
Description :

< > TT PK 3s 1961 FRENCH ANTILLES 50 NOUVEAUX FRANCS ON 5000 FRANCS PCGS 66 PPQ GEM 1961 50 Nouveaux Francs on 5000 Francs from French Antilles. Pick # 3s Specimen and serial # O.00 000 0056. This beauty is graded 66 Premium Paper Quality Gem New by PCGS with only one graded finer according to PMG Population Report. Very hard to find in any grade this lovely banknote is a great acquisition for any collector. Rare Specimen with a plethora of bold colors contrast on the bright white paper. The deep print create a natural paper wave giving to this note a superb eye appeal. Multicolored. Woman with fruit bowl at center right. 50 Nouveau franc on 5000 francs. Overprint: GUADELOUPE, GUYANE, and MARTINIQUE. As a specimen. Note- Due to the new and burgeoning world currency market, PCGS has not yet made public a world currency population report. PCGS is slated to publish a population database in the coming months. Until that time, Trusted Traditions World has used the PMG population reports solely as a guide to help evaluate the rarity of all of our notes. PMG grades a higher volume of world paper money submissions, so we feel this is a very accurate evaluation of rarity and scarcity. Should your needs require, we are happy to request from PCGS an exact population report on a case by case basis. With nearly 20 years experience, we state its today’s EBay Buyer who purchases HIGH GRADE WORLD NOTES at today's insane ridiculous lowest possible prices that will earn returns far beyond any expectations you may have. When we first started promoting PMG and PCGS certified United States Rare Paper Money some 10 years ago ,We insisted and declared please buy less notes but purchase the highest grades that you can afford for each type note . Today, those same notes are 5-10-15-20 times the value of their initial selling prices History often repeats itself and WORLD PAPER is the last frontier in collecting Rare Paper Money ,as the UNIVERSE continues to shrink and PMG and PCGS opens up Submission offices in Various Countries their brands will become as familiar household names as the most popular mainstream designers! It’s the early bird who catches this worm and those who invest and acquire the highest grades that they can afford will benefit better then any other rarity that we are aware of !!! Please always look at our Auctions as we will continue to bring you the finest material the World has to offer at today’s severely under valued prices . Mark our words as we know what we are talking about ! 3-5 Years from now you will only say to yourself, I coulda woulda shoulda bought more than I did . Please contact US to confidentially discuss your short and long term Goals. Please contact us by email or here at the office if there is anything we can do for you. Enjoy 2317ccyyxxlc. Trusted Traditions John Markis President > Our Staff Shipping and Insurance Policy All listings always include full insurance coverage. We ship First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Registered Insured Mail or Express Mail through the United States Post Office. These are exact shipping costs with no surcharges using our secondary insurance company for all value coverage! Payment Policy WE ACCEPT PAY PAL AND OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT. ATTENTION: Combine shipping items with one payment and save! If you purchase multiple items and pay all at once, you will only pay one shipping fee and save money! Payments are expected within 10 calendar days after auction has ended. If there is any reason the purchaser is not happy with the items they have received, you have 10 calendar days, from the date it was received, to return or exchange the items. We want to always fulfill your total happiness and pleasure. Full 100 percent refund, no questions asked return policy. Please include your name, address, phone, email, and the ITEM NUMBER(S) with your payment. Trusted Traditions suggests when returning items you utilize expedited shipping services and insure items for their full value. If you have any questions please contact us. us. Thanks for Bidding on our Auctions and have Fun !!!!VERY RARE SPECIMEN! GEM NEW, ONLY THIS ONE GRADED AT 66 LEVEL!


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