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5 Dirhams Type 1970

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20 juil. 2020 21:09
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20 mars 2021 20:09
40 $
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Dénomination :
5 Dirhams Type 1970
Référence :
Pick : #56a , TBB : B404a
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Émetteur :
Banque du Maroc (1960-1985)
Émission :
Description du vendeur :

MOROCCO 5 DIRHAMS REPLACEMENT * Mehilba RA1 ,P56 1970 KING HASSAN Z/4 UNC RARE offer $60 Combined shipment accepted in all. The Author of MWR " Mehilba World Replacement" is willing to sell his Collection as a whole lot or by country . Needs your feedback here or at Upland Auction Lots for $150 or more will get FREE copy of MWR , Mehilba World Replacment Book , as a Free Gift, Free pick up from Upland Auction or Shipping in US The new management of Upland Auction will increase online activities for both bidders and cosigners all over the globe. Shipment in the USA will be by priority flat rates and you are more than welcome to contact us for combined shipment. Upland auction has a highly qualified team in several fields including paper currency and coins. We have a big collection of Vintage & Antiques from USA and other countries too If you have any questions, please contact us . The Scans are The main part of the description for your Judgement and decision



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