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10000 francs Type 1972

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22 mars 2020 08:21
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22 mars 2021 08:21
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Indice rareté :
Facile à trouver
Pays :
Dénomination :
10000 francs Type 1972
Référence :
Pick : #14
Grade :
Date :
Alphabet :
O.1   60964
Émetteur :
Banque Centrale (1972)
Émission :
Description du vendeur :

Cameroon 10000 Francs Pick #14 SCARCE "REPUBLIQUE FEDERALE" issue A circulated example of this scarce highest-denomination "REPUBLIQUE FEDERALE" issue from Cameroon: 10000 Francs, Pick #14, undated (but issued circa 1972), with signature 2. Well-worn, with holes, tears, and missing pieces. The note pictured in the scans is the actual one being offered for sale. High-resolution scans or more information available upon request. Many other (primarily African) banknotes are available in my eBay store. Payment Options Preferred method of payment is via PayPal. (I cover all PayPal costs.) Other arrangements can be made at the buyer's request. Please email me for more information. Shipping Charges IMPORTANT: Please read this entire section carefully. If you don’t agree with the following policy, then please refrain from bidding on or purchasing my merchandise. Buyers with a U.S. address: Shipping cost is $5.00, whether you buy 1 item or many items. Shipment will b…



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