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Îles Cook
3 dollars Type 1992

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02 juin 2017 18:24
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02 mars 2021 17:24
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Indice rareté :
Pays :
Îles Cook
Dénomination :
3 dollars Type 1992
Référence :
Pick : #6 , TBB : B106
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Émetteur :
Gouvernement des Îles Cook (1992)
Émission :
Description du vendeur :

TT PK 3a 1987 COOK ISLANDS 3 DOLLARS "GOD TE-RONGO" "INA & SHARK" PCGS 68 PPQ 1987 3 Dollars from Cook Islands. Government of the Cook Island. Pick 3a and serial number AAC002716. Graded 68 PPQ (Premium Paper Quality) Superb Gem New by PCGS. Finest known according to PMG Pop Report. This is a must have high grade note that shows us a majestic plethora of colors and intriguing design. For Cook Island note we always have a good story to tell. Hard to improve on this perfect banknote. Deep green, blue, and black on multicolored underprint. Fishing canoe and statue of the god Te-Rongo on back. The wood carvers of the island of Rarotonga, one of the Cook Islands, have a distinctive style and is a typical example of the so-called 'fisherman's god'. The missionary John Williams observed these figures in use during his stay in Rarotonga, that they were to be seen mounted at the front of every fishing canoe. Offerings of food and flowers were made to t…



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