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EBAY-US 1mpcbuyer
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14 Septembre 2020 00:51
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14 Octobre 2020 00:51
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5 yuan type 1948
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Pick : #801a
TBB : B4003a
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PBC (?)
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PMG 64
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Chits cataloged by NEW FRANK and SEELYE chit book. All POW & INTERNMENT CAMP CHITS WANTED!! $ OR TRADE The Complete Book on WW2 USA POW & Interment Camps by David Frank and David E. Seelye 258 pages, 98% of known chits illustrated in color, listing of known serial numbers, listing of known printers of chit booklets, a new sensible cataloging system, and current retail prices. Listed for sale on eBay in my store, $29.99 domestic shipping free.. I buy all POW chits! I am not a professional Grader. The descriptions are my best assesment. The note pictured is the note you will receieve if the listing has only one note. stock scans are used when there is more than one of the same type note. Please ask if you need a scan of the next note being sold! A scan may make the item look better or worse than the actual grade. Ask if you want more scans. all items are guaranteed genuine and as decsribed without time limits. Any item PROVEN by a recognized authority will receive a full refund of the original purchase price as compensation in full Without further liability to the seller Or recourse to the purchaser. A difference in grading at Any time does NOT constitute lack of authenticity. SCANS.If you want another scan sent to you, I need your email address. A.UNC or AU is a term for about UNC, that is a note graded between EF and UNC. This is Not UNC. SHIPPING..ALL SHIPPING IS BY US POST OFFICE. You may request other shipping if You pay the bills. Note PayPal takes a percentage of shipping too!! Shipping within the United States---we do combine shipping cost for all auctions. We do not make money on shipping charges. We have insurance on all packages over $50 in order to protect the buyer in cases not covered with my buyer protection plan. we only file insurance claims for the buyer who contacts us and does the necessary paperwork and does not file disputes or claims. Shipping outside the United States. Buyers are responsible for all custom duties. Under $100 shipping an be $23.50 for 1 oz (28.3grams) for registered air mail shipping, or DEL CON at $13.50 to countires where this is available. Registered mail shipping of Graded notes UP TO $100 ONLY, is $23.50 for 1 note. $26.00 for 2 notes. Countries that support E-DelCon Service as of January 17, 2016 Australia Belgium Canada Croatia Estonia Finland Germany Great Britain and Northern Ireland Hungary Israel Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Malaysia Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway Singapore Slovak Republic Spain Switzerland Turkey Over $100 we will ship USPS Express Flat rate mail at a cost of $62.50 to the buyer. we do not make anything on the shipping. the reason for the high cost is ebay and paypal rules for a tracking number and the "buyer protection plan". if you have any questions please contact ebay and paypal for their policies. We will answer any questions you may have DURING the auction, NOT after the auction has ended. The following is a direct quotation from eBay?s instructions given to every bidder at the time a bid is placed. ?By clicking on the button below, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. You are agreeing to a contract. ..... You will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. You are responsible for reading the full item listing, including the seller's instructions and accepted payment methods. ? You Must Be in absolute agreement with eBay?s rule on legally binding contracts please to bid on our auctions. Shipping charges are Not subject to change or modification. It is the responsibility of the buyer to read and understand all of our terms. Tracking information outside of the USA is ONLY available with USPS Express mail No item shall be accepted for return after submission to a third party Third Party-grading service EXCEPT if the note is deemed to be not genuine. The buyer should consult the published guarantees and or warranties of the grading service. Graded notes are NOT Returnable. PMG, CGA, PCGS. No Exceptions! any change in the above terms must be agreed to by mutial agreement by email BEFORE a Sale.


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