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EBAY-TH noteshobby
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14 Septembre 2020 11:18
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24 Septembre 2020 11:18
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1 Dollar Type 1973
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Pick : #85
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Banque du Canada (1969-1979)
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Payment | Shipping CANADA 1 DOLLAR ND 1973 P 85 CROW-BOUEY SUPERB GEM UNC PMG 68 EPQ HIGH The actual note may have a different S/N. Noteshobby Payment Back to Top I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal Shipping & Handling Back to Top Shipping Cost for notes via registered airmail: 1. $5 for 1-100 banknotes. 2. If you buy more than 100 notes, buyers pay $3 for each additional 100 notes. Please wait for us to send you the combined shipping fee. Shipping Cost for PMG via registered airmail: First PMG is $5 and $1 for each additional PMG worldwide. Express Shipping: 25 flat rate via DHL Express. Please check with us if DHL express from Thailand to your country is available. US Shipping$5.00 Thai Postal Service Airmail International Shipping$5.00 Thai Postal Service Airmail FREE scheduling, supersized images and templates. Get Vendio Sales Manager.Make your listings stand out with FREE Vendio custom templates! FREE scheduling, supersized images and templates. Get Vendio Sales Manager.


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