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EBAY-IT tourtles
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15 Septembre 2020 19:49
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25 Septembre 2020 19:49
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Non spécifié
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10000 lire Type 1962-1973
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Pick : #97d
TBB : #B450d
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Banca d'Italia (1962-1985)
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10000 lire MICHELANGELO 20.05.1966 A/UNCONE VERTICAL CENTRAL FOLD NO STAINNO CUTNO WRITTEN auction for the note of photothe bill of the photo is the one you will receive. I do scanner front and backPayment by paypalShipping $ 12 with registered mail (POSTE ITALIANE)sorry my English translator use COV CAUSE 19 shipments to some countries of the world are suspended.before bidding, contact me to find out if the shipment can be made.


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