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500 francs Type 1974 Gabon

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16 oct. 2020 05:08
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16 sep. 2020 05:08
45 $
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Indice rareté :
Pays :
Dénomination :
500 francs Type 1974 Gabon
Référence :
Pick : #2b , TBB : B201b
Grade :
Date :
Alphabet :
Y.3   71281
Émetteur :
Banque des États de l'Afrique Centrale (1974-1984)
Émission :
Description du vendeur :

REAL CURRENCY - EASILY REMOVED FROM DISPLAY BanknotesFrom Around The World Produced By Postal Commemorative society Gabon 1978 500 Francs P 2b UNC Serie Y.3 see pictures This collection is a landmark numismatic and philatelic series, combining money and official postmarks from 100 nations of the world. All banknotes are mint-perfect and uncirculated, actual legal tender in their country of origin at the time these were published in 1984. They appear on individual display panels, which have been stamped and postmarked in the country issuing the note. Since paper money is 2 sided, it is displayed in a special way. A clear plastic sleeve provides protection for the note without interfering with visibility. The sleeve is hinge mounted to the display panel, so that you can easily look at both sides of the banknote while reading the accompanying description and discovering interesting facts. SEE PICTURES This collection was issued in limited edition and each banknote is protected and dis…



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