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EBAY-US alan-dala
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16 Septembre 2020 14:44
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16 Octobre 2020 14:44
Qualité :
Non spécifié
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Dénomination :
50 francs Type 1889 Bleu et rose
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Pick : #64h
Indice rareté:
RFacile à trouver
Emetteur :
Banque de France (1873-1899)
Date :
Alphabet :
Z.12216 n°349
Grade :
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Description :

Two corners clipped, two pinholes, a few small tears in margins, crispy paper, no hidden defects. My grading is only suggestive, use pictures for evaluation. International orders below $60 will be sent by first-class mail, which costs $3 and does not offer tracking, thus it will be at buyer's risk for loss. International orders above $60 will be sent by registered mail, which costs $19 (really!) and offers tracking.and it will be at my risk for loss. International orders above $300 will be sent by Express Mail (costs $45), with tracking and insurance, and at my risk. Consolidated shipping charge is offered (one single fee for all purchases), subject to the above rules. To get that "combined shipping", please request invoice, and do not try to circumvent the above simple rules. I emphasize that international shipping done by first class mail (without tracking) is at your risk for loss. If you do not want to assume that risk, then request registered mail. For no good reason and very rarely, Ebay may not "see" that you have a PayPal account. If you DO have a PayPal account and are blocked erroneously to making a purchase, then send me a message, and I will add your username to my buyer requirements exemption list. .


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