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1 dollar Type 1862

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01 nov. 2020 04:09
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01 nov. 2018
5 500 $
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1 dollar Type 1862
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Pick : #128
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Large Size Notes - Legal Tender Issues (1862-1923)
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New Page 1 New Page 7 DREAMTROPHY We are always selling key date and quality rare coins and currency. We bring quality rare us currency and coins to serious collectors and investors for less money. Description 1862 $1 LEGAL TENDER-FR 16c ABNCo Monogram no green patent date-PCGS 62 NEW An epic item of prestige, pizzazz, power, and eye popping sex appeal. Possibly opportunity of a lifetime to secure an immensely desirable coin at a fraction of true museum value. A screaming epic dream wonder coin that might just be the very best investment you will ever make. An opportunity to acquire a great coin with a trajectory of huge investment upside. This is a coin that could make the most cynical jaded coin collector cry like a baby. The mere thought of getting to own this supreme dream wonder coin someday, should equal the thrill of being able to experience all of ones childhood Christmas mornings or Chanukah nights at once. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT 1-The grading of PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG price g…



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