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1000 vatu Type 2002

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02 nov. 2020 16:10
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02 juin 2017
199 $
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1000 vatu Type 2002
Référence :
Pick : #10 , TBB : B205
Qualité :
Grade :
PMG 66
Date :
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Émetteur :
Banque de Réserve de Vanuatu (1993-2009)
Émission :
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TT PK 6 1993 VANUATU 1000 VATU PMG 66 EPQ GEM ONLY NOTE GRADED IN GEM QUALITY! 1993 1000 Vatu from Vanuatu. Reserve Bank. Pk 6 and serial number LL400002. Graded 66 Exceptional Paper Quality Gem Uncirculated by PMG and this is the only note ever graded with this pk number, and ultimately is the top population and finest known according to PMG Population Report! Gorgeous note, exhibiting excellent eye appeal! This note is characterized with great color, strong embossing, crisp paper, and nearly perfect margins! Arms with Melanasian chief standing with spear at center right. Watermark is of a Melanesian male head. Three carvings at lower left, three men in outrigger sailboat at center on the reverse side. With nearly 20 years experience, we state its today’s EBay Buyer who purchases HIGH GRADE WORLD NOTES at today's insane ridiculous lowest possible prices that will earn returns far beyond any expectations you may have. When we first started promoting PMG and PCGS certified Unit…



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