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EBAY-US absolutebanknotes
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9 Janvier 2017 16:32
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9 Novembre 2020 16:32
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10 dinars Type 1973
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Pick : #9
TBB : B204
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Emetteur :
Agence monétaire de Bahreïn (1978-1979)
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**WE SELL ONLY GUARANTEED GENUINE BANKNOTES.** Payment I accept PAYPAL ONLY. Shipping All Bank notes are mailed out in 5" x 10" (or bigger if the note is large) padded envelopes with a protector sheet. Shipping is done via USPS. Domestic shipping is first-class with delivery confirmation included and sent out before 5 business days after payment has been received. International shipping is USPS REGISTERED MAIL ONLY WHICH COSTS $15.25 & MIDDLE EAST $ 19.99 We have had issues mailing to international countries and items being lost in the mail via first-class. This is to ensure your item arrives and is insured in case it is lost in the mail. All of our paper money is documented in case items are stolen to ensure it is taken off the market permanently and placed in a database. If you wish to use another shipping method such as UPS, please notify us first! We apologize for the inconvenience but this is to protect the paper money, your purchase and our product. We keep the right to refuse shipping to certain countries with mailing issues. Please feel free to inquire with any concerns with your shipping destination. If you wish a faster option, please contact us! 30 Days Return Accepted Disputed note should be sent back as it was delivered.High resolution scan for all of our notes are seated on permanent records.Standard grading system used in the "certified notes industry" is our main criteria on grading our notes.Perfection in grading in this industry doesn't exist so we will welcome any question, opinion or comment in a fair manner.Patience from buyer should be shown when any dispute is done.In special occasions a purchased note could be same Pick #, same condition and different serial # in which the buyer can be free to cancel the transaction at any time and also buyer can not used this inconvenience to place any kind of feedback.Any change in the purchased note (different serial, same condition and same Pick #) will be notified to the buyer prior to the delivery.No discount can be apply to any disputed note.Communication will be welcome at any time and will be done in a fair way with respect and care.Any positive comment to improve our service in this industry will be welcome and rewarded.NOTE: we sustained a big theft that obliterated our info records in our inventory. Even thought we believe that our records were fixed, we still have some gaps that shows up when a note is sold and we can not provide it. We need a fair understanding on this inconvenience and as a courtesy we offer a gift of $50 or more (to be used only in our eBay store) to smooth the inconvenience caused. Police report on this theft is at the Baltimore Police Department. The thief was arrested in Baltimore. More Information For any questions or concerns, feel free to message us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.Choice uncirculated. Pristine note.


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