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10 tālā Type 1967

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07 déc. 2020 21:57
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07 nov. 2017 21:57
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10 tālā Type 1967
Référence :
Pick : #18a , TBB : B309a
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Banque occidentale de Samoa (1967)
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TT PK 18ct 1967 WESTERN SAMOA 10 TALA "COLOR TRIAL" PCGS 66 PPQ GEM NEW! 1967 10 Tala from Western Samoa. Bank of Western Samoa. Pk 18ct and serial number 000000 93. Color Trial banknote graded 66 Premium Paper Quality Gem New by PCGS. This is a wonderful example of a well-preserved banknote five decades old! It is as fresh and crisp as it was when it was first printed! Lots of eye appeal on crisp and strongly embossed paper! The striking colors on this fascinating banknote captures the attention of every collector! Very impressive to see a large sized banknote such as this one survive in nearly perfect condition! Black serial number seen on the front of the note along with the word "SPECIMEN" printed in bold red color at center. Tava bowl at left, red and blue flag over arms at right. Shoreline with trees, sea and islands on the reverse. Watermark is of BWS repeated. Note- Due to the new and burgeoning world currency market, PCGS has not yet made public a world…



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