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5 Dollars Type 1954 Modified

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14 déc. 2020 04:38
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14 nov. 2020
429 CAD
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5 Dollars Type 1954 Modified
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Pick : #77 , TBB : B340
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Banque du Canada (1954-1967)
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You are bidding on a 1954 AU-55 Canada $5 ASTERISK Banknote BC-39aA No Devil's Hair S/N *A/C0021284. See pictures for details and grading. Solid and vibrant colours. Noted small tear by Legacy and factored in grading. Plate 28/28. Will be shipped tracked with insurance. As an eBay seller, our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience and build your collection with specialized, higher-end “hard to find” rare, eccentric, unique and eclectic pieces and relics. Our product lines extend across many historical, vintage and ancient categories. We try to sell an experience in our products. Pictures tell the best story as there is a variety of wear and tear and scratches that occur across the generations. This “cultural patina” often adds value to the item from a personal appeal or resale value. Making your day is what we are about and adding the smile to your day, so please eBay message us with any concerns, complaints or inquiries and we will work with you as customer …



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